"Truth, is brighter than gold, a worthy hill indeed."

Vivant Reliquiae III

48" x 48" Oil based metallic & acrylic on heavyweight cotton canvas.

"The line of differentiation between the masses and the Remnant is set invariably by quality, not by circumstance."


Satoshi Rx Daiji #1 of 3

Sick of the Fed?

Bitcoin is the medicine.

A golden orange pill.
A cure to the spiritual malaise caused by the time theft of our life-force energy, stolen by cantillionaires, debasing & inflating usury-laden fiat.


Vivant Reliquiae II

Space, time and matter.
Space sliced into 3-dimensions.
Time into 3 phases.
Matter into 3 states.


Guy Satoshi Daiji #2 of 3

24" x 24" Oil based metallic & acrylic, hand stretched canvas w/ 1.5" gallery bars.

Truth, is brighter than gold, a worthy hill indeed.