"An artist is a person who lives in the triangle which remains after the angle which we may call common sense has been removed from this four-cornered world." - SŌSEKI

Vivant Reliquiae II

Space, time and matter.
Space sliced into 3-dimensions.
Time into 3 phases.
Matter into 3 states.


Satoshi Rx Daiji #1 of 3 & Guy Satoshi Daiji #2 of 3

Sick of the Fed?

Bitcoin is the medicine.

A golden orange pill.
A cure to the spiritual malaise caused by the
time theft of our life-force energy, stolen by cantillionaires, debasing & inflating usury-laden fiat printed at will out of thin air.


Guy Satoshi Daiji #1 of 3

16" x 24" Oil Based Metallic & Triple Black Primer, stretched Canvas on 1.5” gallery bars.

Truth is, brighter than gold, a worthy hill indeed.


Proof of Work - Vires In Numeris I

48" x 48" Oil Based Metallic & Acrylic, stretched Canvas on 1.5" gallery bars.

Over 3,333 hand painted obtuse triangles, seamlessly held within more than 1,111 equilateral



48" x 48" Oil based metallic & acrylic on Canvas on 1.5" gallery bars.

Hahalua, can be interpreted as “two breaths”. Ha, meaning breath, and lua, meaning two. When mantas leap out of the water, their experience
from below transcends into our sphere.